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Coat your roof with the best waterproof roof coating

Waterproof roof coatings provide a watertight seal for commercial and industrial roofs. The best waterproof roof coating will also prevent future roof leaks, protect your roof from further attacks of weathering, and go on easily for best roof waterproofing results. 

Today's superior waterproof roof coatings are now designed as "elastomeric roof coatings".  These water resistant coatings can weather more needs and changing conditions.

Our Products

Roofing Unlimited only uses high quality construction materials. Below you can find a list of links where you can find further information about the materials that we use.


Entegra, Alhambra, Altusa, Boral, Hansen, Ludiwici, Verea, Eagle, Redland and Santa Fe.

Other Materials and Shingles

Metal Roofing
Sheehan Metals
Berger Brothers